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  1. Maybe 049-2 can turn fallen enemies into 049-2 because as far as I understand the lore 049-2 occurs when 049 works his wonky stuff with all that stuff and 049 "commands" 049-2 maybe 049 can "teach" 049-2 how to make his weird turning process
  2. My Idea:Make SCP-049-2 (The zombies) contaigous on kill How it can/would serve a purpose: To make "Zombies" more effective and to give the mtf/survivors a bigger challenge Why I think it should be done: To give a more "Oh we are screwed feeling" and to make coordination against 049/049-2 more important because every victim of 049-2 turns into 049-2 effectively making one more enemy to combat to prevent a lot of rushing in against 049 and the other 049-2 instaces How it can be done: Make victims of 049-2 to another instance of 049-2
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