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  1. Vault

    Vault's Daily Song

    help i've been fired, just take the playlist which I edit everyday. It's 250 or so songs should make up for the days I missed and a good bit into 2019.
  2. Vault

    Transport Hall - The looks

    Look at that big boi over on the walkway.
  3. Vault

    Vault's Daily Song

    Cause I'm lazy and my internet gets shut down in four minutes.
  4. Vault

    Vault's Daily Song
  5. Vault

    SCP-3001 Canon Explaination

    Jester you should really go outside more often. However I feel like you do need a bit more explanation about the age range but other than that it makes sense.
  6. Vault

    Vault's Staff Application

    So this is open now right?
  7. Vault

    Vault's Staff Application

    Also if Informants are still a thing, (The people who would answer questions.) I'd take that, I actually enjoy helping people who are waiting for the game or would just like to know more.
  8. Vault

    If you could have any SCP irl

    SCP-055... Wait... What was I talking about? Oh yeah 055... wait what? My head hurts.