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  1. Dr. Lipon, can you come to my office. Your recent activities led to some harsh accusations. Just stop by and we'll have a little chat, for my safety and your's. ~Dr. Glass
  2. SCP-312, Atmospheric Jellyfish, is my personal favorite, but SCP-1305, Cat Lure, is also one of my favorites.
  3. No Dr. Lipon, we're not using SCP-312 as an elevator or as a bungee cord. ~Dr. Gears
  4. Yes Dr. Lipon, it would most definitely make the world a better place to throw SCP-035 around like a Frisbee. ~Dr. Kondraki
  5. Oh you know this is happening kiddos. I've been meaning to bring these back for a loooong time so here we go. Basically a long time ago I used to write notes to my character to Dr. Lipon from some of the SCP Staff denying his stupid suggestions. I'll be reposting some of the old notes and feel free to make your own if you actually enjoy and want to make em. So this topic is just to see these little notes of mine maybe have a little laugh or maybe they're shit and I should be banned but we'll see.
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