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  1. Etha2007

    MTF ideas.

    Which MTF units would be in-game? I would love to see- MTF Nu-7 "Hammer Down" as the main MTF unit, they have light vehicles, a tank squad, a helicopter squad and a nuclear/biological squad along with a few normal infantry divisions. MTF Epsilon-11 "Nine-Tailed Fox" should be a rare role to play as, they have better armor and more guns than Nu-7 and run faster, every game has only 9 of these bad boys (Hence the name "Nine-Tailed Fox) MTF Alpha-1 "Red Right Hand" is a MTF squad operating directly under the O5 Command, there should be only 3 "Red Right Hand" members in the game at a time. They have the best gear, armor and should have an experimental weapon of sorts. SOME AFTERTHOUGHTS There should be different roles like Private, Sergeant and Lieutenant, unlike in SCP SL where these roles simply mean different gear, each should have their own ability and features that make them unique. Private: the private should be able to use EMPs that cut power from a room of their choice, all doors in that room will be locked for 30 seconds, useful for containing SCPs and D-Class Lieutenant: Give orders to privates by holding X and selecting things such as Attack, Defend, Halt, Search etc, they should also be able to use motion trackers and camera systems from a tablet. Commander: Just like in CB NTF mod, commanders can request disabling of security systems (eg: tesla gates if tesla gates will be in the game), it's the commander's responsibility to enable them again if they are not an obstacle anymore. The commander not being responsible could lead to SCPs escaping due to weak security or fellow comrades dying due to him not disabling them momentarily. Security: I know Security isn't an MTF but IMO they need an ability too, they should be the only ones able to access security rooms, these security rooms are located next to very important doors (for example let's say a door to 106's femur breaker or a checkpoint door from one zone to another), these security rooms are the only places you can open very important room's doors from. They need to open the door and then close it, not closing it means everyone can go there as they please, SCPs can also enter security rooms.
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