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  1. So there is no way for a MTF to tell the difference from Fake Scientist and real?
  2. In Blackout, will there be any way to trick MTF/guards into believing that you are a worker of the Facility? I have seen that you plan to have some armor and clothing for your character when you spawn in, so would there be a way to switch clothing with a dead scientist for instance? If so, then how would MTF/guards know for sure that you are who you say you are?
  3. When you will most likely die, will there be a re spawn, and what are the re spawn characters that you can get. Also, what will the spectator mode be like? What players would you be able to spectate (SCPs, NTF, Scientist, ect)?
  4. Sorry if I made it seem like an "empty" suggestion by not naming some SCPs.
  5. My Idea Have some SCPs that spawn outside of the facility on blackout that have broken out of the facility/other facilities at that point of time. We have also read in the official SCP site that there has been some SCPs that worked with the facility in some ways that stop containment breaches and help humans. How it can/would serve a purpose It could make an early fight between the SCPs and the humans that are currently outside the facility and possibly halt their movement. SCPs that help the foundation could use their abilities in various ways to aid in the re-containment/safety of the humans. Why I think it should be done The goals of the helpful SCPs would make the game interesting since the humans will be on a more even playing field. The goals of the harmfull SCPs however may be a bit complicated since they are already escaped, but they may want to kill foundation members or destroy the facility. How it can be done Research helpful SCPs that can be useful for this game mode and also some SCPs that are not contained that may want to cause damage to the foundation. P.S. I myself, have not done much research on what SCPs that would be helpful, but I still think that it can be done.
  6. Will there be any sort information besides location on these S-navs?
  7. Instead of the normal "Heads-up" display in most games, how about something like what SCP:Containment Breach has? A device that you equip in your hand to look at that goes along with what person/role you have. (simply different looks and details depending who you are/where you find such devices.) This might get the player more focused about their surroundings and create interesting situations where they have to quickly look at their device manually while running from something/some one.
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