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  1. Thank you for the informative response Tsuji! Yes, it does give a good idea on how they will work
  2. I have already heard you plan on having SCP that are also human, how will these characters operate? Will they get all the benefits of being a human as well as having whatever SCP inside? Also what will be the downfalls of these anomalies?
  3. Are you planning for this system to be tested in the private builds? Sounds like an interesting and unique spin on upgrades.
  4. I didn't really mean an actual timer, but having no respawns will considerably affect how long a game can go on for, that's more the point I was trying to get across. Having this many people per game means a rather large map, right? I've heard some talk of there being a lot of stairs and elevators, any other level design features to get around the map? This makes the MTF sound a lot more fun to play as. I like the idea of everyone getting together and actually forming plans before going in, also having an idea on who is inside and what SCP have escaped is handy.
  5. This is awesome news. I can only imagine how much work is to be done. Is there anything we can do other than donating money to help out? It will be great to see what you guys have been working hard at!
  6. Do you have a potential time line as to when you're going to share any more information?
  7. I'm just wondering how you came to decide on not having respawns in this game mode. Is it based on match length, or just due to how many players you plan to have per match?
  8. I'm just curious as to what you have planned for the private testing. I would think it would just be "Blackout" and just working out major bugs and such?
  9. Please tell me it'll be like hiding in Alien: Isolation. That hiding mechanic would work so well in Ascension.
  10. After reading through some of the wiki I think I've found the perfect candidate to be The Director. Nobody http://www.scp-wiki.net/nobody-hub
  11. That's as good as an answer as any ? Cheers
  12. I understand how GoI's come into play in terms of the game and lore, but is it too early to ask which GoI's will definitely be in the game? Do you plan on starting with only one and adding more, or do you plan on having different GoI's when the game launches?
  13. He has a fair point. How long does a match last in Secret Lab? Until the game ends
  14. I was just curious, when something goes unmentioned, there's usually reasons why. I was just looking for some clarification ?
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