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  1. Thats utterly amazing cant wait for game Demo to be released.
  2. Hmmm... Looks good just need the wear of the gun, but other than that it looks really cool and seems like it do a ton of damage.
  3. Will there also be MTF zombies too. And is SCP-008 going to be the one too infect subjects or will it be SCP-049.
  4. The Humvee also looks good. Cant wait for game to come out. Almost Mid-2019 and by the amount of people on here I think this game will take people by surprise and people will come rushing in to play.
  5. The gun model looks unique. I've never seen another game with a gun that looks smooth like that. It almost looks like an entire new gun and maybe made by the SCP Foundation.
  6. So seems like a tunnel where they would have vehicles transporting the SCP's into the facility. Looks like it was built to transport larger SCP's like SCP-682 or SCP-516.
  7. Dr Andy Hendrickson


    But ya this looks like this is going into a light containment zone. Most likely one of the lower levels.