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  1. Dr. Bright

    096 Face Weapon

    Question is how do you know you are getting a picture of his face if you don't look at it? He's coming for you.
  2. Dr. Bright

    Favorite SCP Artdump

    series 1 by Sourbacteria
  3. Milk can only be triangular, and can only be consumed during the month of July.

    1. Dr. Bright

      Dr. Bright

      Life could be worse, milk could have curds. 

  4. Dr. Bright

    Favorite SCP Artdump

    Here's a variety of different SCPs. I love seeing the rarer ones illustrated. Final post from Bright: All the following art is by VK / Art SCP The following content may be disturbing to some. Viewer discretion is advised.
  5. Dr. Bright

    Favorite SCP Artdump

    More by Shiala, Zhang and Amamidori.
  6. Dr. Bright

    Favorite SCP Artdump

    Comment with your favorite SCP art! Art below by Amamidori, Zhang
  7. Dr. Bright

    i have a question

    Step 1. Name your character Bread. Step 2. Make him as large as you can. Step 3. Go into a closet There you have it; A closet full of Bread.
  8. Dr. Bright

    Which SCPs are your favorite ones?

    SCP-963, SCP-956, SCP-2852, SCP-2169, SCP-3120