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  1. The game is not meant to be balanced, it is supposed to force humans to work together. The SCPs are OP because if in real life they would be OP. Of course this doesn't mean that they can just hold LMB to destroy a large group. In real life killing takes time, that includes attacking and really any other action. Also SCPs won't be able to just do as they please. Most other SCPs will also be able to kill other SCPs. In short the idea is: Humans have to work together. SCPs are overbearing forces of destruction. The point of the game isn't to win. It's to be immersed in your position. Seeing an SCP should make you shit your pants. Killing does take time, not just in death animations but also in attacking and the like. SCPs still need to use strategy, other SCPs and environmental hazards exist. (I may have answered this question a bit poorly, I was working on stuff while typing this out. Hopefully I got the idea across.)
  2. You will be allowed to create modifications when hosting a server which should allow you to create factions. In all honesty it's completely up to the player to create anything that they want or need. So in short: how much you are able to customize anything is based on how well you can modify the game.
  3. The latter. It is important to know that while the Foundation is expansive it is limited. If we are going for realism then it is a good assumption it'll be free for all.
  4. I do not have a specific faction or group that I personally enjoy more than others. I do find certain groups that interact with the Wanderer's Library to be specifically interesting. Information that you can find on Wanderer's themselves is quite interesting. There is an entire log describing objects and entities that a specific wanderer finds within the confines of his own mind.
  5. The MTF and the Chaos insurgency are pretty easy to explain mostly due to the fact that they both come from the Foundation. The Foundation has most of it's military procedures adopted from the US government. As for the Serpent's Hand and Anderson robotics, there is a much more esoteric choice in weapons and procedures. The Serpent's Hand will often use anomalous techniques to get what they want while Anderson robotics may use alterations of their own bodies or robotic minions. If other GOIs are implemented it is safe to assume that they would have the weaponry/magic that makes sense for them to use.
  6. While I do not appreciate the attempt to trigger my plot hole sensors, this would actually be a neat addition and wouldn't actually pose a plot hole. The easiest way to cause 173 to become super lethal is by limiting the amount of his body that you can see. So in short, it's your funeral
  7. Personally my favorite would have to be SCP-3001. Not because it gives a proper origin story for 106, but because it introduced me to Humes which are the measurement units for measuring reality. The amount of complexity in the nature of reality and reality benders makes the entire Foundation database take on a new perspective.
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