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  1. Name: Austin Wonder A#5623 Age: 16, soon 17 Applying For: Translator (French) Details : My name is Austin, I live in France (an american name for a french boy). I have applied for this role, because I'm a huge fan of SCPs, game and lore, and SCP:Ascension seems promising, so i thinks, a translation into french can attract more french players. Obviously, I like the English language, I improve my skills as much as possible so I can translate a major part of the game, if it's not the whole game, if I am alone to work on the translation. Also, I love to change my voice, go from high to low, play with and tell stories of all kinds, horror, fantasy, "basic". So, if one day, a version with French voices go out, I volunteer to make a voice Past Staff Experiences: I was a Administrator for 3 months before having to leave (personal reasons) How long have you been apart of Affray's Studio's community: Only a few days but i'm motivated. Have you read and understand all Discord Rules: Of course Do you swear to abide by them: Yes, i do Do you have a mic: yes Define what a troll/minge is: I don't think, having to answer but a troll is a person who posts message to disturb the community or ruins the gaming experience. How would you deal with them: I apply to be translator but i say them to calm down and call a moderator, if necessary Have you ever been warned/kicked/muted/banned: No Do you swear to follow the orders of you respected higher-ups: yes Do you promise to avoid causing drama: yes
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