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  1. wheres my daily song that vault recommends
  2. makes my noodles wet, a little too wet. +1
  3. Spaghetti

    SCP-173-B Concept

    damn, the A pose AND the T pose
  4. Spaghetti

    SCP-173-B Concept

    it’s hittin the t pose and a pose
  5. didn't read it but that winking emoji is pretty convincing. This guy knows his stuff
  6. I would have 939 and then put armor on it and a saddle and ride it into the White House, then shortly it will shit on the floor lmao
  7. so is the closet full of bread going to be in the game, for sure? It was confirmed by tsuji but only tsuji. what about you jester?
  8. My Idea: Add SCP-106 How it can/would server a purpose: Add more scare factors into the game, along with a creepy humanoid made out of bugs. Why I think it should be done: It has never been in a SCP game and it would be perfect for a SCP. Also, the Scare Factor! How it can be done: It is a humanoid but made out of blood-hungry bugs. pretty self explanatory. Relevant images/concepts: http://www.scp-wiki.net/scp-906 This contains the image of SCP-906.
  9. Chat in here! Make some friends!
  10. Post your wonderful art here! Or post links to stuff here! Anything really.
  11. This isn't official.. But it's fun! Also to get feedback before posting suggestions for Affray Studios! This channel can also be used for SCP Sandbox stuff, feedback for anything really!
  12. That's what I was thinking
  13. Are y'all actually using that? I thought it was just a joke in the SCPSL discord... that just makes me sad. If this game can't use the real SCP-173 then I'm not playing it.
  14. From what €URO said, I have another idea for an easter egg, for 173. My Idea: If you can ever view the moon/sun in the game, add a way to trigger it into SCP-173. You'll just have to see the image to understand. How it can/would serve a purpose: Again, what €URO said, meme purposes. Why I think it should be done: Meme Purposes How it can be done: I'm not really sure how it shall be done, but.. um.. y'all can figure it out. Maybe you can spill a drink on 173's document and it will anger the Peanut gods, and they will look upon you and judge you. Relevant images/concepts: bow down to the holy nut
  15. Spaghetti


    done, I'm @MoccasinX
  16. Spaghetti


    I could help with the models if you wanted me to
  17. Spaghetti


    But do you have every in game model for the items listed
  18. Spaghetti


    Do y'all have all of the models for these items?
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