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  1. TBH i don't think these turrets should have any weakness other than (if you disguise yourself as another person when you aren't that person you are not shot) and i certainly don't want the freakin computer anywhere near this game (does Area 14 even have SCP 079?) just add ceiling turrets that can be manually controlled (perhaps with a twist for manual control )
  2. so you're saying the mounted defense turrets could be easily bypassed by slow moving SCP's (like 106 and 096 )
  3. It's better to leave them to automatic AI turrets personally i'm against 079 being in the game as i said Half life 1 is a good example of why automatic turrets can be fun yet scary experiences you could technically run past them but may get stricken by a few bullets anyways i think Auto turrets that can be remotely controlled via specific station would be neat but 079 is actually one of the few SCP's i'd hate to have in a game The main reason being its hard enough trying to escape 20 OP SCP's that can instakill and are near invincible without some asshole locking down the doors and activating turrets to kill you whilst running away (plus i feel as though 079 is the epitome of Co operative SCP's the one thing Ascension doesn't want)
  4. Xenomorphian


    I'm pretty sure thats why they added an XP system that allows you to get cooler weapons and gear and ETC ETC perks are a little neat but really it could get kinda annoying since well it does add a random factor the game's already hard enough with OP SCP's running about and a whole squad of guards and MTF units trying to kill you and even if you aren't D class a GOI or SCP's are still very tough obstacles to overcome without and perk stuff in the game nothing really needs to be improved and blackout won't be repetitive since every round they mix things up
  5. You could always do other things with your time like watch other rooms or control other shit but i always hated SCP 079 it was annoying AF in SL because you could just lock down a room for hours on end and in general the controlling systems thing is just boring
  6. Xenomorphian

    Beyond Ascension

    Killing a narrator has been my biggest dream ever since i was 1 years old. i still want to play the game for all the other reasons but this improves the experience also i've been hearing of these dev streams for a long time now when are they coming.
  7. Xenomorphian

    Beyond Ascension

    Hold up i would love any game if they let you do that
  8. WTF how hasn't this been answered yet i really want to know an answer to this also automatic mode reminds me of half life 1 where the black mesa security system activates and pretty much kills everyone that moves and those moments were fun scary moments so i hope these turrets get implemented (perhaps a security room to go alongside it with buttons inside to activate turrets in sections of the facility or direct control)
  9. Xenomorphian


    I always hated these perk systems in games because if done incorrectly new players will struggle against veteran players with all these perks making them godlike or just making the game unbalanced a win or lose could balance on whether or not some one had the "quieter breath" perk (lets say an SCP was around a corner and on weak health and an MTF soldier was around the corner and the SCP listens for the breath sounds *Doesn't* hear it because of that perk and goes around the corner without looking left but the MTF guys there and shoots and wins the round) i dunno jester or some other dev better answer and not me
  10. This is a good topic Jester needs to update that 2018 list. According to the SCP foundation website 049 has been involved in experiments involving recently deceased (not killed by 049) animals and subjects so it doesn't need to kill a person himself to convert them
  11. Ok sorry for tacking this on as a seperate thing but the edit button has disappeared from reality so i cannot add on this other question to the main one 18.Will SCP Ascension feature an ingame Encyclopedia to give info on SCP's (perhaps in recon mode after encountering an SCP you get an entry in the encyclopedia on it)
  12. NOTE: i had made this list before but a shortcut button on my mouse sent me back in time and erased all my text i made so if the list seems a bit weird it's because i'm trying to retype questions i typed before based on memory 1.How will 939 do it's vocal mimicry as an AI 2. will SCP 516 the tank SCP be in this game with tanks 3 The NTF picture description thing mentions mechanized suits does this mean Astartes Power armour is going to be in the game? 4. How many playable SCP's are there going to be in Blackout mode? 5. will 079 *NOT* be in the game it was annoying in SL 6. whats the largest battle possible in Blackout mode naturally? 7. will SCP's made for Ascension be in Blackout mode (perhaps after completing a successful Recon mission you unlock that SCP) 8. will there be Aquatic SCP's? 9.to Whomever is reading this how was your day? 10. Will there be 'Helpful' SCPs like that dimension hopping gasmask 11. Could the community at one point in the future potentially suggest Ideas for SCP's in the game 12. Will laser weapons be anywhere near this game? 13. if laser weapons are in this game are laser vehicles also going to be there? 14 How large is the largest SCP in Blackout mode be? 15. will SCP's have night vision since it's been said blackout mode is dark AF 16. will 914 be in Blackout mode? 17. if SCP 049 is playable can it talk since in lore it can (perhaps it could have a voice filter Answer my questions if you wish to say Scringo if not
  13. Chaos is my favorite though i'm warming up to the GOC
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