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  1. "I'm sorry that I made a joke." Jesus Christ. Is this what they've been doing to people? Stay strong, Zeroknuck. Stay strong.
  2. So there I was, having a good time with my new bestest friends in the whole wide neighborhood. Then, suddenly, my once bright day came to a shuddering end. There he was, Deadeye, Hitler himself reincarnated in order to put an end to all things fun. Apparently I made some jokes he didn't like, so he decided to rip his shirt off in front of me and start dancing. He said I was making pedophile jokes and that he wouldn't have it on his good Christian Discord server. The jokes I made were not even sexual in nature, nor did they even allude to me giving those kids some sex. The only thing I really said was that I could entertain kids. If there was some sort of subtext there, it would have been his fault for interpreting it that way and forcing me to stop because a joke I made lead him to a conclusion he wasn't happy with. I told him why he was wrong, I ran, I jumped, I fled, but he was unwavering in his convictions as he ripped me in half. Deadeye kissed me on my little forehead, which had a tumor on it, and showed me his tattoo. The tattoo was on his bicep and read "Admin Muscles". Then he started flexing, telling me he'd mute and ban me if I kept up with my jokes. I told him that he was flexing and all he said was "Flexing would be banning you." I told him that didn't make any sense, because flexing is usually read as someone describing what they COULD do to you, rather than actually doing it. I told him he was being unreasonable, tears streaming down my face, but he basically said being an admin automatically put him in the right. A bystander spoke up, told Deadeye that all these mutes and threats were a little over the top. As far as the newcomer was concerned, I didn't give off a pedophile vibe. Probably because it's pretty obvious I'm not a pedophile. I'm actually 4 years old, so how could I be a pedophile? That doesn't even make any sense, dude. In response to this, Deadeye merely sneered and asked, "Are you staff?" With nothing left to do, I continued pointing out how Deadeye was just being an overbearing bully, forcing us to stop making jokes that he didn't like, jokes that were not even sexual in nature. Some will try and say that, because I've had some run-ins with the police in the past, I shouldn't be complaining when a big bad officer comes and slams my juicy little head on the hood of his car. Those people wouldn't understand the precedent that this is setting for future problems. An admin is required to act more responsibly in the face of a joke and I am greatly disappointed with the lack of professionalism that went into bullying me. The jokes themselves weren't targeting anyone and were not inherently sexual. So why was I given so much guff? Onto the main purpose of this thread: Please link me to your favorite Nightcore videos so I can add them to my 'Nightcore and Chill' Playist!