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  1. Jester

    Beyond Ascension

    This topic is to explain our intentions for what we are bringing to the table, a collective of inspiration, strategy, and alike we plan to stick with to ultimately bring a good title our, and continue to do so for future projects under Affray Studios. Tutorials We will be having a mandated tutorial for SCP: Ascension and will likely carry it across all of our titles to ensure players know how to play, optimizing control schemes in a real-time way in concentrated test environments so players know how to scheme the game to themselves, and an entertaining narrator to really pull you in and making sure it doesn't feel like a chore. We have taken huge inspiration from the Stanley Parable, and we will be making our narrator very similar, on a smaller scale, of course. Here is a list for sake of convenience: Narrator you can mess with and that will get frustrated the more you intentionally disobey him. The tutorial sequence will help you optimize your personal control scheme and configuration to best suit you and your style. You will learn the core mechanics within congested and practical ways of teaching you as quickly, but efficiently as possible. The tutorial will be forced once, the first time playing. We will save that you've done it on the cloud so you won't have to worry about it again. All data you generate in general will be stored on the cloud so you won't worry about losing your configurations and alike, unless you, of course, opt out. We also plan on some popular faces (literally) popping in as some sub-tier tutorial characters for different segments. You can kill the narrator. Meta Characters This is more of us just fucking around, but we kinda fell in love with the idea of creating emote faces for the default UE4 mannequins with an arrangement of colors (and female variants) to test the game without having to worry about the detailed characters early on. They will mainly be seen in future development livetreams (devstreams), but we assume we are gonna get a couple laughs from 'em. Our 'false' lore around them is that they are servants of the game itself, kinda in the same realm as the narrator and tutorial characters and they have "contracts" to hunt bugs down and destroy them. We probably drank too much that night, but we are doing it nonetheless, we have no shame. Issues & Our Confrontation Some concerns have been thrown around regarding our release strategy and our primary focuses and our ways of confronting the issues with our custom, unorthodox plans. The first and foremost is the fact that we are releasing on multiple PC distribution stores, and are also gonna be hosting preorders outside of Steam to avoid their 30% take and to break up the monopoly where we can. There are a couple of issues some will see in this course of action, and rightfully so for the most part. Tech/platform issues: Steam will more than likely not bring us to their front page on our release, mostly due to the fact their algorithm intentionally disfavors games that do not use Steam solely on PC, especially those that sell Steam keys outside of Steam (e.x. preorders, direct sells/backers, etc) - which is allowed by Steam, they just generally punish it. Ensuring cross-play and ensuring both servers and mod support are not segregated and fractured. Saturated market, a lot of SCP games are being made with similar ideas. As for Steam's algorithmic bias, we will be focussing on developing a feasible method of not relying on Steam, as a whole. We think this is our best course anyway since this will ensure either way this goes, we will have a healthy initial influx when we start this up officially. If Steam magically throws us on the front page on our release, it will do us really, really well. We are simply just not gonna focus on that being the make-or-break scenario. For ensuring cross-connectivity, we have a few plans in place for this to be successful and healthy. We will not be utilizing Steamworks at all. This means there will be zero native Steam integration within our game, as they disallow distribution onto any other platform that's paid. So, we decided to cover that on our own and get some alternatives that are store-agnostic. First and foremost, is we are gonna be utilizing Epic Games' Online Services. It is non-store dependant and covers all the features Steam does, and then some. As it's not all publicly released yet, it will be worth the wait for its utilization. For mod support, as you may already have some concerns with since we aren't using Steamworks, we will be utilizing mod.io. This platform was created as a non-store bound mod distribution tool that has the same functionality as the Steam Workshop. Some additions to it, there will be a native donation system within that that will have a small cut go to us, and the bigger portion going to the mod creator. We, as it currently stands, will take no more than 12%, 88% to the player. This will help us have some small cash flow, as well as the creators being able to continue content creation and maybe have what they made curated into the official game. For confronting the fact of the SCP fanbase becoming really saturated, we have decided to full-force ourselves into the tactical shooter genre. This, in itself, has not been done by other SCP creators. We will also be using our position to advertise outside of the SCP intercommunity. This way, we have the biggest chance of getting ourselves out there and gaining overall interest. We love tactical shooters and their communities already, so this just kind of works out for us. Black Site has picked us up already and talk to us really actively - even responding on most of our social media posts at the current rate. So, needless to say, we will do extremely fine with not depending on SCP solely. We are treating SCP as our lore, and not our primary target for advertising towards, but it still is a big factor, of course. You can see what we are doing is taking the elevator instead of the stairs in terms of release growth. Competitions & Curation We plan on, if our game does wonders, of course, to host money-rewarded tournaments to see who is on top of the food chain. We have a lot of fun plans for this, but we are not sure if and when it will happen - and how frequently. We will also definitely have a keen eye on mod creation, where we will see what we can easily integrate, or spiritually integrate off of great ideas to our standard. We may even pay people for their great ideas if we end up curating them. We also plan on doing competitions for curations, this will mainly boil down to maps and alike, although, if it works out, we will likely even release story tools for people to create narrative stories alongside their levels with relative ease (compared to making a game from scratch). We have a lot of great ideas, but it really depends on how well things actually go, as everything else. Cinematic Tools We really love modding, development, story, and so much more. One thing we see oh-so commonly overlooked, however, is cinematic tools. We have a lot of great friends like Evan Royalty amongst other machinima/filmmakers that would really love some easy-to-use and effective tools to bring cinematic visions to life. Although, when/if we come to making this, we won't limit it to them... it will be usable by everyone. An easy way to reconcile you with our visions is to explain it like this: It will be heavily inspired by the Rockstar Editor, however, you will be able to bring in custom levels, characters, dialogue, and so, so much more with the other modding tools. We even plan to deliver spline pathing tools, scenario behaviors, and a whole lot more for you to achieve your cinematic vision. You will also be able to record in-game moments and edit them by switching camera positions and alike, basically what other games like Grand Theft Auto V, Rocket League, and alike to already - the basic end of the tools, pretty much. Most tools we want/have made are not meant just for SCP content creation, it's for content creation. We really want a huge emphasis on that. Creator & Community Program To sum this up really quickly without getting into the nitty gritty, we will be hosting a paid influencer program, so whenever people refer to our Xsolla preorder page, the (chosen/verified) referrer they will get 10-20% commission for helping us out! Requirements are still undefined, but we hope this will help drive more sales while rewarding partnered communities, creators, and alike for helping us out! Publishing Wing If all goes well with our titles and if our partners choose to help us in the long run, we decided on the very high possibility of running our own publishing company with extremely friendly terms for some great resources for getting smaller creators off the ground to make big games. We will be naming this Element Publishing - we do not want to control, constrain, or exploit like a majority of publishers do - we want to bring a modern look to what publishing should be in the digital age, while not lingering on outdated standards. We plan to start this up when we release SCP: Ascension into Early Access with Blackout.
  2. Jester

    Patron/Backer FAQ

    Updated for 2019 Q: When will private testing begin? A: We are hoping to send out keys sometime in late early/mid 2019. Q: What all can I do with a custom character? [No longer available from here on out] A: In the story, you will be able to have a background character to fill the void of us not putting much detail into background characters. This also allows the chance for donators to have a small character that resembles themselves; two birds with one stone. Q: What info do I need to give? A: Make sure we have your Discord ID/email so we can contact you when we roll out the rewards. Q: Will I be getting my pin from my Kickstarter pledge? (Kickstarter Backer FAQ only) [Pins/merch not currently offered] A: Pins were canceled for a logistical issue with a future replacement of merch in the future that will generally be worth more than the pins themselves. We are just waiting to a point of financial stability within the project to do said replacement. Q: What is the extent of a "custom office"? A: You will be able to have a custom nametag, some decoration, and so on in your office. It has to look like an ordinary office, just customized to what you wish within copyright and our guidelines (TL;DR no nudity, cruel depictions, and so on). - Posters, some small nic nacs, room layout, etc. Each additional months of support will add additional "prop slots" if you chose to add more. Q: Do I have to keep donating monthly to get the perks? A: No. Your perks will be based on the total you donated. So, let's say you paid 10 dollars/mo for 5 months, you can get the $50 tier once you send an inquiry to us (just an example). Q: If I donated in the past, can I transfer my donation to an updated tier? A: Yes, you can! We will not allow for newer donations to go into older tiers, though. We will only allow patrons to update their older tiers into newer ones if they are unredeemed. Q: When will I actually get my perks? A: We plan on implementing perks from pledges in 2019, but just keep in mind the actual goal for this is "when we are ready to". Don't worry, it will happen, it will just take some time. Development is a long and laborious process. Q: Do you plan on having donations forever? A: No. We plan on removing perks/overall donations hopefully soon since we are heading into being fully funded by investors we have been coordinating with within the following months. Don't worry, we won't forget about you guys. Q: Will there be in-game backer/patron badges? A: Of course!
  3. Jester


    Everything here is subject to additional questions, removal, or edits. Last edited May 9th, 2019. Q: What is "SCP"? A: SCP stands for "Special Containment Procedures", as you can find here. It is a creative wiki based on writing stories/documentation on anomalous objects. I recommend you check it out yourself if you're interested! And yes, it's "Special Containment Procedures", not "Secure. Contain. Protect.", you can check here under "Bonus Answers". Q: What does the name "SCP: Ascension" come from? A: We are writing and developing a story timeline called Project Ascension, a term The Foundation themselves use in reference to a series of operations they execute for [REDACTED] (don't wanna spoil it - we decided to name the overall game after it due to how significant it really is for the game. It ties hand-in-hand with Project Resurrection, a set of tales within the SCP Wiki. Q: How long as SCP: Ascension (SCP:A) been in development? A: We originally started development in October 2017, with most of our ideas being extremely rough and unpractical. We started a Kickstarter in January 2018 to get some starter fund for the project, so we were able to get some needed licenses, assets, middleware, and alike so we could start prototyping ideas. Around October 2018 (convenient timing) is when we decided to reform all of our plans and overall development pipeline. We kept a lot of our 3D assets but tossed all the old programming. This, in turn, has made development a lot more practical, as we modularize both our new 3D assets and programming for easy expansions/mod support in the future. Although, as of Feb 2019, the current development is only a couple of months old. Please also consider a lot of our work is part-time, as a majority of us have our own careers, education, and lives to deal with in the process of the development of SCP:A, until we are able to get the project to a funded state, where we will be able to work on the game a lot more. We are more than willing to see this project come to fruition, there is just a lot on our plates. Q: Will ____ be added to ____? A: We will not generally answer this on the spot. If you feel as if you have a cool idea we haven't discussed, make a suggestion. Q: What site is SCP:A based around? A: Area 14. Q: Will SCP:A be multiplayer? A: Yes, all gamemodes planned will be multiplayer with A.I. server/gameplay options. Q: Why are you guys not using the original 173 design? A: The main reason, is 173's design has its own copyright, where the original creator is very hard to get in contact, and generally not willing to let you use his design. So, we decided to make our own 173, since the original is boring, anyway. We decided to make him completely unique in our game, having 4 arms, being animated rather than a stiff statue, and having different behaviors for killing, stalking, and what we are calling his "rage state". Giving him our own lore will add more balance and depth to the game, and in the process allowing us to monetize the game without any worry. It's a win-win. There are ways of using the original 173 commercially, but once we discovered it, we were already too in love with our own idea to swap back. The original 173 is very, very boring. Q: How much will the game cost? A: The game will be $19.99 w/ regional pricing once we release Blackout. We will also be selling our story campaign separately as a DLC for $19.99 by itself, as well. TL;DR: $20 - Main game, base gamemodes and mod support. $20 - (requires base game) Project Ascension campaign $0 (free) - Pandemic game demo, a prologue event to Project Ascension, will also be improved and added to the Main Game, as well. We also intend to make a completely optional subscription under Affray as a whole, where you can get perks, cosmetics, and alike in all games we make. We intend for it to charge every 3 months, but will ultimately want this to ensure we can cover ongoing server costs and alike. This, again, will have benefits to all plausible titles under Affray Studios. Q: When will _____ be released? A: When it's ready. All rough timeframes we give are what we expect, generally not confirmed dates. Q: Where will the game be released? A: The Discord Store first, amongst other stores as we see fit throughout the future. We also plan to sell keys straight from https://scpascension.com and this site early-on. Q: Will there be updates post-release? A: Yes. Bug fixes and content updates. We will also make sure our content is stable before we branch it off. Q: What engine do you use? A: Our game engine is Unreal Engine 4. Q: What gamemodes do you plan on implementing? A: We have a lovely list of our plans here. Q: Will the game will be first or third person? A: Both will be utilized for their own purposes/as server options. But, we will ultimately be a first-person game. Q: Will I be able to play with other people who bought it in different stores and platforms? A: Yes! We will always ensure our game is cross-platform/store - we will be utilizing Epic Online Services for this. Q: What is SCP: Ascension going to be licensed under? A: Content relating to the SCP Foundation, including the original SCP Foundation logo, is licensed under Creative Commons ShareAlike 3.0 - the base concept originates from http://www.scp-wiki.net/ and its authors. SCP: Ascension, being derived from this content, is hereby released under Creative Commons ShareAlike 4.0. The source code of Unreal Engine 4, Easy Anti-Cheat, and Epic Online Services, and all other third party software are the properties of their respective owners and not released under CC-BY SA. In addition, certain third-party and first-party assets are the properties of their creators and not released under CC-BY SA. A full list of these assets may be found in the game's credits & attributions from the main menu. SCP: Ascension also includes third-party trademarks and content for gear, equipment, and firearms with permission of the respective owners for their use within Affray Studios' titles. Q: Which platform are you most likely to stick with? A: PC, ultimately. We may be able to expand to consoles if we can do well and grow substantially, but it is by no means a priority. In terms of PC stores, we are very happy to release on Discord Store and Epic Games Store early-on. We will also be selling keys straight from our website via Xsolla if you want more money to go to us! Cuts: Humble Bundle & Xsolla - We get 90% (5% to the stores, 5% to Unreal) Epic Games Store - We get 88% (12% to Epic, owners of Unreal; engine fee is voided) Discord - We get 85% (10% to Discord, 5% to Unreal) Steam & Consoles - We get 65% (30% goes to the stores, 5% to Unreal) Needless to say, getting our game(s) on the newer PC storefronts is very, very beneficial to us! Q: Is Ascension gonna come out? A:
  4. How do i download the leaked alpha of the game? asking for a friend.
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