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  1. So people have been pressing me about some concerning issues about Affray Studios canon. I have decided to clear up some misconceptions about the Tsujisphere and the Void. First off: the void doesn't, never has, and never will exist. The Tsujisphere has nothing to do with the void. Any more questioning about the thing that should not be acknowledged nor talked about will be met with an introduction to ████████ edit: a friendly chat over ice cream and pizza! Now onto the Tsujisphere. The Tsujisphere is a concept based off of the lead developer of SCP: Ascension, Tsujimoto. It has no relation to the void. The joke was made by a few moderators and admin who decided to mess with Tsujimoto based on his erratic personality. The legend of it started one day when a bunch of admin suddenly pulled Tsujimoto into a group whilst under the profile picture and name of Tsujimoto. During the lifespan of the group chat all of the admin had acted like Tsujimoto in an attempt to give the impression that Tsujimoto had cloned. This was when users Vizlox, Lipon, and Radreed decided to start the Tsujisphere project. No one knows what happened but due to unforeseen consequences the Tsujisphere project was abandoned and a virtual alternate dimension was created due to the failure of these three idiots. There are a few things to take note about the Tsujisphere: Radreed's Internet has been permanently screwed. Nothing about the void nothing about the void nothing about the void nothing about the void nothing about the void nothing about the void nothing about the void. All residents of the Tsujisphere are completely biologically, physically, and mentally similar to Tsujimoto. The Tsujisphere is outside time. The Tsujisphere does not exist. The Tsujisphere is just a meme stop worrying about it. This post is the Tsujisphere. Stop reading. This is the end of the list. Radreed was the leader. How can he lead anything? POST SCRIPT: It's a joke, calm down. The entire point is that the void isn't real so stop asking about it please.
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