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  1. Galopus


    This feature will probally be blackout only My Idea Add perks to the game How it can/would serve a purpose Perks would be a feature that would unlock itself, over time. It would unlock faster the better you do in the game. Perks itself wouldn't be too big of help in an actual game. And most of the time they are just passive effects like you get tired slower or your breath is 50% more silent. Playable SCP's would have their own perks. The perk system can be compared to blood web in Dead by Daylight. Humans would be able to have few perks at the same time, although playable SCP's will be able to only have one perk at the time. But it will be more game-changing Why I think it should be done Perks would give a player a feeling of accomplishment, by allowing them to feel more powerful the better they are. And would give the game more variety every game. It can be frustrating to newer players because they wouldn't know why someone has better stats than them. But it's a small price to pay for salvation. And to keep that from happening just simply making them not matter that much (at least for humans, SCP's can be more game-changing). It would also allow players to do some funny and interesting builds, that YouTubers and Twitch streamers would upload. Making the game more popular. Summarizing, it would make the game more interesting every game and would help it gain some popularity. Relevant images/concepts
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