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  1. My idea Adding exploratory missions/expeditions to the Recon gamemode. How it can/would serve a purpose Raises popularity to the Recon gamemode due to having more than discovering a new SCP - exploring it/its internal world. Why I think it should be done Adding explorations/experiment logs of well-known SCPs like 2935 and 093s <<color>> tests would raise the popularity of this game from letting people dive into it. Like using 342 and watching yourself being taken to the other dimension, or becoming 507 and teleport into pitch black location with a "Smiling Man" being your only partner here. How it can be done After choosing the Recon mode, the player can select from two options: Detection Protocol and Exploration Protocol. The 1st option leads you to the undiscovered SCP, and the 2nd - forces you to explore dimensions/buildings/worlds that are inside of (or) an SCP.
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